Christine Beatty’s to-do list

If the Detroit Free Press can recycle my blog stories (see “Free Press recycling plan,” Feb. 19 under “Kwamegate”), guess I can push the replay button, too.

On Feb. 8 I wondered how long it will take for Christine Beatty to crack. You know, turn on Kwame. Now that the Wayne County prosecutor has charged her with obstruction of justice, conspiracy and perjury crimes that carry some hefty prison time, if she’s convicted — I can’t help raising the question again. But wait! Why write it again? I’m a firm believer in recycling, too. So here’s that Feb. 8 post:

Wonder if Christine Beatty will flip.

You know, the Detroit mayor’s recently retired chief of staff who, according to published text messages, had an affair with hizzoner about which they both allegedly lied in court.

AKA perjury.

Will she cut a deal with the prosecutor?

In the movies, they call it “turning state’s evidence.”

In other words, snitch on hizzoner.

Wouldn’t that be, well, betrayal?

Isn’t that what this whole saga is about?

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One Response to Christine Beatty’s to-do list

  1. TLynne says:

    Beatty will flip when the prosecutor offers her less than a year jail time. She has two young children, fifteen years is a long time if convicted. The question is; will she live to testify? Seems that the Mayor has friends that are willing and able to “destroy evidence” when need be. I know it sounds paranoid, but if the shoe fits…

    Thanks for your note, TLynne. We need to remember that the charges are perjury, conspiracy and obstruction of justice at this point. Not murder. But your surmise about the jail time may prove right on.

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