The Matty warranty

By Joel Thurtell

Detroit’s City Council is getting lots of pressure to approve Mayor Duggan’s deal to dice up Riverside Park for the billionaire Matty Moroun.

People with no stake in the outcome of this issue are urging council to trust Mayor Mike and Matty.

Council should trust their own judgment.

It is easy to say with the mayor and journalists that it doesn’t matter what Detroit does, because Canada will never allow Matty to build a new span.

Would those who make that prediction be willing to bet, say, their salary, or their house, or their pension that Matty will never get his way?

I have an idea. I call it the “Matty Warranty.”

According to the Matty Warranty, those politicians and journalists who predict that Matty will never build a new bridge would place the deed to their house in escrow. They would forfeit their home to the city if a second Moroun bridge is built.

I would go further: Those who claim Matty has turned over a new leaf would lose their homes if it turns out that he’s cheating on the swap deal and if he files new lawsuits aimed at killing the Gordie Howe Bridge.

How many  crystal ball gazers would stake their home on that fantasy?






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