Props 1-6: How I voted

By Joel Thurtell

No on Prop. 1 — emergency municipal managers. Michigan has had an emergency financial manager law since 1990 that has returned many local governments to solvency. The constitutional amendment would give managers power to tear up municipal contracts. It is Republican union-bashing.

Yes on Prop 2 — etch collective bargaining into the Constitution where Republicans will have a tougher time ending it.

Yes on Prop 3 — give Michigan a shot at significant alternative electrical power.

No on Prop 4 — hard to figure why in-home caregivers should be in a union, or why that should be in the Constitution.

No on Prop 5 — it’s hard enough to raise taxes, let alone require a 2/3 majority of voters.

No on Prop 6 — baloney to the amendment that would deter a new, much-needed international bridge at Detroit and constitutionally protect billionaire Matty Moroun’s bridge monopoly.


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