Please don’t look at these pictures!

Ambassador bridge w:Riverside park sign

Matty Moroun doesn’t want you to see this photo of his Ambassador Bridge taken with the ball field fence in foreground at Detroit’s public Riverside Park Extension. Joel Thurtell photo.




WANTED: True stories about Matty Moroun

Were you kicked out of a city park by Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun’s goons?

Please post your fond memories of Matty in my comment section.

By Joel Thurtell

Matty Moroun doesn’t want you to see these photos.

In his eyes, they’re contraband. Maybe he’d like them to be seized by the Border Patrol.

The billionaire owner of the Ambassador Bridge has grabbed parts of two City of Detroit Parks and — maybe to cover up his takeover — he’s banned photography from what remains of the publicly-owned park. He claims authority under Homeland Security, but city officials tell me the feds say he’s acting on his own.

I found out about this by accident on Monday, September 22, 2008, while exploring one of the parks.

I almost fell into Matty’s clutches.

One of his gunslingers tried to arrest me for taking photos in the city’s Riverside Extension Park.

Luckily, I made good my escape.

But it’s clear I’d better be careful next time I explore a public park the bridge magnate wants for his own.

Is this kind of harassment by a hireling commonplace? Maybe it explains why nobody was using the park. I have since learned that Moroun’s henchmen had ejected a city parks worker from this same park. Isn’t that outrageous?

Actually, Moroun is treating the parks — Riverside Park on the Detroit River and its extension at 23rd Street near Fort — as his own property. Why, he lets his guards drive across the lawn and push law-abiding citizens around! I saw it. It happened to me.

What he is, fundamentally, is a squatter.

A freeloader.

A rich mooch. I couldn’t believe what happened to me as I peacefully snapped photos at Riverside Extension. For the second time in less than a week, a security guard threatened to sic the feds on me.

First time it happened was Friday, September 19 on the Rouge River as I putt-putted in my motorboat up the freighter docking bay at SeverStal steel mill. A security guard huffed and puffed that I was boating in a “Marine Security Area” and had to get out pronto. He said he was going to take my boat number and report me to the Coast Guard. I reported on this incident in an earlier column, but since have talked to the Coast Guard and learned there are no boating restrictions on the Rouge River. The guard was full of crap. Nor did the SeverStal hired gun ever turn me in. He was REALLY full of crap.

pics matty riverside park fence and concrete drain tubes 9-22-2008

Billionaire Matty Moroun doesn’t want you looking at this photo of his Ambassaador Bridge taken from the City of Detroit’s PUBLIC Riverside Park Extension. Joel Thurtell Photo.

Then on Monday, September 22, I learned about Matty Moroun’s effort to privatize the two City of Detroit parks near his Ambassador Bridge. Rich as Croesus Matty, I’m told, has fenced off a public boat ramp to the Detroit River at Riverside Park off West Grand Boulevard, citing “homeland security” and the need to protect his bridge from…

From what? Kamikaze boats out of Windsor?

It’s a brazen ripoff of public land.

pics matty riverside park homeland security sign and gravel pile 9-22-2008

Billionaire Matty Moroun doesn’t want you to see the construction materials he’s storing on cit of Detroit Riverside Park. Joel Thurtell photo.

I’m also told the city of Detroit is considering suing to make him open the ramp and get off park land. City lawyers are worried that by gradually cramping usage of the park, people will stop coming. Then he can show it’s not being used and offer a low-ball price.

It burns me up to hear of private people — usually rich jerks like Matty Moroun — commandeering public boat ramps. I decided to have a look. Problem was, I didn’t know exactly where Riverside Park is. I wound up in the city park called Riverside Park Extension. It’s a big grassy lot with a ball diamond, a porta-john and a couple of trash barrels. Nobody was using it on that bright afternoon. Soon, I would learn why.

I noticed a chain-link fence on what I took for the park’s perimeter. Clamped to the fence are signs that say, “WARNING DUE TO HOMELAND SECURITY NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”

2 pics matty fake sign

Matty’s phony “Homeland Security” sign. Joel Thurtell photo.

Beyond the signs and behind the fence are heaps of gravel or sand. Later, I learned that the fenced-in area with gravel and threatening signs is actually part of the park. Matty has taken it over. The signs are not from the Department of Homeland Security. He had them made. So Matty’s threatening to prosecute people for “trespassing” in a public park!

3 pics matty fake sign closeI walked along what I took, as I say, to be the park’s border, snapping photos here and there. At the east end, I snapped photos of the WARNING signs and the bridge. All the while, I was trying to figure out how to get to the main park. I could see parts of a green lawn and what looked like a pavilion across a set of railroad tracks.

Suddenly, I was aware of company. A guy in a big white pickup truck tore across the park lawn, leaving deep tracks in the grass. I snapped a photo of this guy and the truck as he stopped on the grass beside me.

He was a muscular guy with tattoos on both arms. He had a shaved head and a gray goatee. On the passenger seat beside him, leaning against the seat back, was a shotgun.

pics shotgun totin goon

“Doug” is the name a security guard gave as he tried to stop me from taking pictures in the City of Detroit-owned Riverside Playfield park. He tried to arrest me and hold me for questioning by the Border Patrol. Joel Thurtell photo.”Who do you work for? Let me see your ID,” I said.


“You can’t take pictures of the bridge structure from here,” he said. “Homeland Security. You can only take pictures back where you’re parked.”

“This is a public park,” I said. “You can’t stop me from taking pictures in a city park.”

“You can’t take pictures here. Go back to the parking area.”



I snapped his picture.


4 pics matty pickup copy

Matty Moroun doesn’t want you to see this photo of his henchman, the shotgun-packin’ Doug, leaving deep tracks in grass as he drives across Riverside Park Extension’s lawn on Monday, September 22, 2008, so he could harass me out of the park. Joel Thurtell photo.

He pointed to a decal on the side of the truck: L.S.S. SECURITY (800) 542-3821.

I snapped a picture of the decal.

“What’s your name?” I said.


“Your last name.”

He pointed to the side of the truck again.

“You need to get out of here,” he said.

“No,” I said.

“Okay, you can talk to the Border Patrol.” He picked up a hand-held radio and talked to someone, saying into it, “I’ve got a guy hassling me here with some cameras. I’ll hold him here till you come.”

5 pics matty LSS Security truck lo res copy

This security company logo on the side of a pickup was all the identification the security guard gave me when he tried to stop me taking photos in a public park and tried to hold me for questioning by the Border Patrol. Joel Thurtell photo

Doug No Last Name put the radio down and told me, “Wait here. The Border Patrol is coming. You can talk to them.”

“No,” I said. “I think I’ll leave.”

“No! You’re staying here!”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “You’re a private security guard and you don’t any authority over me. This is city property.”

I started walking across the grass.

Shotgun Doug backed his pickup and turned around, making a new set of tracks in the lawn. He beat me to the parking area and parked his pickup directly behind my little blue Civic, blocking me from behind.

When I got to my car, Doug The Enforcer told me, “Stay right here. The Border Patrol is on the way.”

“You have no authority,” I said. “You’re a private security dick blocking my car on public property.”

I unlocked my car, got in, started the engine, put the trans in drive and made a sharp right turn forward, spinning past him where he sat in his pickup. I made a quick right on Fort Street and headed for the freeway.

Bye-bye, Dougface.

But of course, Matty won that round — his shotgun-toting goon got me to leave the park.

That’s what Matty wants — to scare people out of this public place so he can call it his.

Got news for you, Matty. I’ll be back.

No shotgun for me. Just my trusty Canon.

Drop me a line at joelthurtell(at)

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65 Responses to Please don’t look at these pictures!

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ll be interested to see what becomes of this. I wonder was the law would say if someone started taking down that fence that is on public property and not put there by the public. It would make an interesting court case.

  2. Alan says:

    Well-done . . . and well-said, Joel. This is how our constitutional freedoms (movement, speech, assembly . . .) get eroded in the name of ‘protecting’ us.

    Outrageous, indeed . . . especially when perpetrated by a private entity.

    This deserves wide attention, so I just posted a link to it from Lowell Boilleau’s fine DetroitYes! forum ( with this subject line:
    Joel Thurtell v. Matty Moroun (wrong guy wins)

  3. journo says:

    You should call the cops on this rent-a-cop. It’s against the law to have a shotgun sitting in the back of your vehicle like that, in a public park no less.

  4. Maureen says:

    I wish you could take photos of the Bridge span itself. Manny is allowing it to rust and rot. I remember when the Bridge was painted and detailed every year. Now there’s salt left from last winter on the roadbed and the railings are rusting. Demolition by neglect. I think the Governor should get involved. Safety is starting to be an issue.

  5. gnome says:


    Great, gut churning, article. Love your work.

    Some friends of mine are considering staging a peaceful softball game at the park. Wondering if you can help getting some broadcast press to show up and cover the event?

  6. Ben says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Someone just needs to take a reciprocating saw out there and level it. Where are the scrappers when you need them?

  7. jdg says:

    joel, this exact thing happened to me this past weekend (sunday, september 21).

    I actually walked from my home on the east side along the riverfront as far as I could go until the riverfront was blocked, then followed the train tracks to this park. because I was on foot, the harassing security guard couldn’t stop me, but he did call the homeland security/border patrol who detained me for approximately half an hour while they ran some kind of check on my ID (and entered my name into the potential terrorist database, probably).

    I was there to take photos of wildlife around the river and also see the shelter designed by prominent african american architect roger margerum, but I couldn’t get in because of moroun’s fences.

    if only matty moroun cared as much about protecting his michigan central station and the roosevelt warehouse! I also walked past both on Sunday and heard scrapping activity inside both buildings.

  8. Jim Edwards says:

    Joel, I think you’re doing great work -exposing this lawless thug for what he is. Best wishes in all you’re doing and let me know if you need help.

  9. Mary Louise Yurik says:

    Why didn’t you want to meet with the Border Patrol? I would have thought that would have made the incident public as the Border Patrol doesn’t have authority to keep you out of the public park any more than the shotgun toting goon of Matty!
    Thanks for the pictures!
    Mary Louise

  10. Bill G says:

    Yep, this goon has been working there for quite a while, I got kicked out of Riverside park last April, and the Doug’s face in your picture looks quite familiar to me. I was just out for a walk on a nice spring day, since I live within walking distance of the river. I was curious why a portion of our park was fenced off, thinking naively that maybe the city was doing some construction/improvement to the Riverside Park. So (without a camera) I was looking through the fence. This was interpreted as a threat to homeland security, and the goon came over in his pickup and told me to leave. I tried a friendly approach and told him exactly what I was doing and why I was there, and he said that I needed to leave right now and stay away from the fence and the railroad tracks or he would have me arrested.

    Thanks for writing this article Joel! I would certainly be willing to join a group of citizens in a peaceful demonstration at the park to continue the media attention. Maybe if 30-50 people all got arrested for having a picnic too close to the fence, this would hit the national news. Anyone care to join me?

  11. gnome says:

    BillG and everyone else:

    Friendly adhoc Softball Game, skill level no object.

    Park your car at Riverside Park at the foot of West Grant Blvd and Fort Street. We will then walk to the softball field.

    Next Wednesday Oct 1, 2008
    Meet up time 4:15 pm
    Game time 5:00pm

    Everyone will wear a black shirt to confuse Matty’s goons.

    This is a non-violent, friendly gathering of nice people. Anger of any kind is not welcome nor helpful.

    Please post here is you will attend.

    Note to joel: Lux Esto

  12. Ricky says:

    I posted some critical comments about Joel’s posts earlier…and I may waste his time with a follow-up some day….

    BUT, I commend Joel on this piece. Although I warn him to be careful. Goons have a tendency to act like, well, goons. Especially if they are cornered or made to look silly.

    I’ll watch for the softball details. I’m not very good, but I do own a black shirt.

  13. Bill G says:

    Ahh, I went for a long walk today with my camera, and alas, the goons are keeping a low profile now. Access to the softball field is wide open, no LSS Security vehicles in site, and I was able to wander about and take pictures with no hassle. Makes me think next weeks softball game will be just a softball game. Hmmm. Maybe Matty thinks shotgun toting goons vs. retired Free Press Reporters is not good for the public image. Duh.

    I will try to make it for the softball game, though it has been a while since I whacked one home.

    Bill G

  14. ron says:

    why dont you call the boarder patrol and get the specfic on just what you can do. seems like it should clear the air for you and others

  15. Dan S. says:

    Joel, while it is clear that you have an axe to grind with Matty Moroun, it is still incredible how grossly misinformed you are regarding what is going on with Riverside Park. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion about what goes on in Detroit, I would hope that as a former journalist, you just might do a little more research and be a little more objective with what you present.

    Here is a little information that would hopefully alter some of your misguided notions regarding the operations of the Ambassador Bridge (AB) and Riverside Park.

    After 9/11, AB officials were approached by Homeland Security to work in coordination with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to enhance security around this border crossing. This resulted in the security of the AB’s infrastructure being the responsibility of bridge officials. In order to secure it adequately, AB officials were given permission to create a security buffer around the bridge in this most vulnerable area in order to protect the infrastructure as best it could.

    The reality: both private and public security officials assessed the area to create an adequate perimeter necessary to secure the infrastructure, as a direct result of the charge given from Homeland Security. Yes, both private and public security can and do work together to secure our border crossing and despite their necessary efforts to adequately secure this important international crossway, almost 90% of the park is still open for public use.

    These “goons”, as you have described them, are protecting the people of two nations and the billions of dollars in commerce that tracks everyday across one of Michigan’s most precious assets. To characterize them as non-essential henchman carrying out the work of some grim overlord is a little over the top.

    The fact of the matter is you were encroaching upon a sensitive area of one of the world’s busiest international border crossings, which in a post-9/11 world is a serious matter. The security staff you encountered do indeed work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, (CBP), Border Patrol, FBI and the equivalent agencies in Canada. Had you respected his authority and stuck around long enough, you would have found that out.

    As for the use of Riverside Park, did you ask your City officials sources, what were their plans for the park? Unfortunately, Riverside has been in decline for well over a decade and was closed by the City long before the security fences were installed with City permission. The closest residential area to the park is almost 10 blocks away. For several years now the City has steered all athletic activities to neighboring parks such as Fort Wayne and Clark.
    It wasn’t too long ago that the City stopped using the incinerator adjacent to Riverside as a part of the City’s old dog pound operations.

    As additional evidence of the lack of visitors and investment of Riverside, you should take a glance at a comprehensive study conducted by the University of Michigan and the National Wildlife Federation that stated: “While the park’s unique riverfront location offers views of the Detroit River and the Ambassador Bridge, it has become an undervalued and neglected public space.” The study went on to conclude that: “Feelings of a lack of comfort emerged as a major barrier to park use. This lack of comfort stems from perceptions that the park is neglected, unsafe, and incompatible with users’ physical needs.”

    Yes, I think everyone would agree that Riverside Park is a great public space that has awesome potential. However, the stark reality is that this area along the riverfront has been in transition for quite some time.

    The reality: Riverside Park is one of the City’s least used parks and City officials have made a commitment to do something else with it as a part of its future neighborhood and riverfront development plans. To assert that the lack of visitors and use of this park is due to necessary security efforts is a stretch. Also, you should be aware that the Ambassador Bridge is a working member of the Riverfront Conservancy Board of Directors and is committed to helping them accomplish their goals of bringing back the river front to the public.

    Joel, it is clear that you are a strong booster of Detroit, and so I can appreciate your zeal in telling others about the things that are important to you. However, this City has enough fighting going on as is, so it’s baffling that you would want to add to that negativity.

    Why do you, in your own words, want to engage in a ‘bout with Matty Moroun?’ I don’t know your history with Detroit, but I don’t think any of us can ever question each others love and devotion to this city. Matty is one of Detroit’s most staunch advocates and biggest cheerleaders, as I assume you are. I think your time would be better spent focusing on the positives and our commonalities as opposed to setting out to stir up unnecessary trouble and instigating negative sentiments.

    If you are going to have a baseball game, the Ambassador Bridge would be pleased to supply soft drinks for the participants. Please let my office know of the exact time and estimate of the number of people that will be present.

    Dan Stamper

  16. Tim says:

    Dan, you are a douchebag.

  17. Deb Sumner says:

    Dear Loyal Ambassador Bridge Employee Dan Stamper,

    I don’t think you, Dan, want to go there, attempting to defend how the Ambassador Bridge Co. has behaved over the last 25+ yrs. I know what the company (that writes your paycheck) has done to our SWD Community and not done for our SWD Community and City. If I took the time to compile all of the unjust, deceitful, and destructive activities of the company you work for and defend, it would be shamefully revealing and you would find yourself spending more time than I trying to defend a company that you could not possibly begin to repair the damage of it’s reputation or it’s owner’s reputation, Manual Maroun.

    You may not have been around in the company you for example when Eddie Robinson worked for Maroun back 25+ yrs. ago. He was in prison prior to working for Maroun for land fraud. Mayor Coleman Young who was college buddies with Maroun sent out notices on City of Detroit Letterhead that were scare tactic letters of impending City Condemnation to our community homeowners on WGB, 25th St., 24th St., 23rd St. and beyond. Then a real estate company in the Ambassador Bridge’s disguise named Mexicantown Real Estate went door to door making offers and purchased those homes.

    After some of those owners moved out of their homes they left their neighbors and years of memories behind. The Bridge Co. did not take responsibility for the dwellings they purchased. Each and every one of those empty homes were stripped and then conveniently, set on fire. Each and every one of them thus, became burnt out hulks and less costly for the Bridge Co. to demo. This scare tactic was used over and over again, causing the next-door, occupied homeowners to become absolutely terrified, and caused their property values to plummet.
    Mr. Maroun’s greed and hunger to monopolize our community’s land and destroy the fabric of our community continues today in many, many ways. The Ambassador Bridge Co. is in the top 10 list for the Hall of Shame when it comes to Companies in the City of Detroit and SWD! The litany of your company’s wicked deeds and lies are boundless and I could go on but I don’t want to waste my time.
    Maroun should seriously reconsider the Legacy he was contemplating accomplishing a few years back when Doug McIntosh who once was working on interior design on Manny’s home in Grosse Pointe Shores. It was Doug who sparked a glimpse of light onto the subject of the old Michigan Central Train Station and kept asking Manny, “What will be your legacy”? Ask Mr. Maroun if he wants to be remembered as the callous, deceitful, troll under the bridge or the billionaire that finally did something extremely positive and unforgettable by transforming and renovating the most historic, visible structure in our City, where many of our forefathers came to America. They came to find a better way for their families, to build our great City, to prosper, to lead with integrity, to work and achieve their American Dream.

    Sincerely, Deb Sumner

  18. gnome says:

    Good morning folks, today is Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008. This afternoon at 4:15 PM we will gather at Riverside Park, then walk to the ball field for a 5PM softball game.

    Dust off your mitts, bats, balls and stop by for a friendly little ballgame. Skill level, or expanding waist lines are no barrier.

    If you don’t want to play, that’s ok. We’ll need a cheering section.

    Wear a black shirt and a smiling face.

    Matty knows we are coming, and has promised to bring refreshments, so let’s all show up for some fun.

  19. gnome says:

    Good morning again, today it is the 2nd, and a lot of folks are sore today, me included.

    The game was pretty well attended by a cadre of brave folks that hadn’t picked up a bat in 20 or more years. Well, they picked up that bat and took a big swing at Matty and Company.

    Thanx, Joel for bringing this to light.

    Lux Esto


  20. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

    Thomas Jefferson; author of the Declaration Of Independence, third president of the United States

  21. Mike says:

    Just curious…..

    ANYONE (ha ha) show up with the PROMISED refreshments?!

  22. Taylor says:

    Dude, he wasn’t toting a shotgun, it was just in his seat. There’s absolutely no reason to be afraid of a gun in someone’s vehicle, nor should you feel that it may be used against you in any way, not even pointed at you, without justifiable legal cause. Don’t be so damn squeamish about it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Matty has also completely destroyed the Canadian side of the border near the bridge.

    Indian Road, which directly runs parallel to the bridge, used to be a popular road for student housing, as it is directly adjacent to the University of Windsor.

    Over the past 2-3 years, Matty has gradually bought up houses, then boarded them up and let the property run into disrepair. This drives down the property values of all surrounding houses, and those owners then sell before their value drops even further. Who do they sell to? Matty, of course. He then boards those houses up, and the cycle continues.

    Indian Road is now a ghost town. Mice, trash, and transients all over the place. The City of Windsor blocked Matty from building a 2nd span, yet the road is a total waste now, and student housing is in high demand.

    The guy is a dick.

  24. Poo says:

    I just wanna say hi Tim!

  25. Mike says:

    All I.m asking for is a REFRESHMENT update!

    “WHO” showed up?!

    It “WAS” promised ya know!

    I hate it when people promise something to make themselves look good… Then AFTER the fact fade into the woodwork…

    This guy “MUST” be a dick as far as I am concerned!


  26. R. M. Smith says:

    Mr. Thurtell I understand your anxiety over the private security guard… I would have had similar feelings. And hightailing it after being threaten with the heavy hand of Homeland Security is perfectly understandable. Those folks seem to relish belligerency, over reaction, and pushing the boundaries of their limited authority and who wants to be hassled by tinhorns at the airports because you wind up unfairly on some secret database. I am just thankful that things did not get out of hand. The fact that your family could have wound up the title to the bridge would have been little consolation if you had been hurt.

    I would like however, like to make one point. The Ambassador Bridge is an incredibly beautiful structure and a landmark of the city. It’s place in history cannot be replaced. Mr Stamper has the monumental task of protecting Mr. Moroun’s billion dollar (a guess on my part) asset but even much greater than that, many times greater than that, is the responsibility to keep this economic artery functioning. One only has to look at the line of trucks continuously crossing the bridge to get an understanding of how important this bridge is.

    I’m sure Mr Stamper’s worse fear, and everyone’s for that matter, is that some crazy would do something to kill and injure innocent people and seek to do as much economic damage as possible. I am not in the employ of Mr Moroun or any part of his organization or contractors and I’ll tell you, at the end of the day, I would not want Mr. Stamper’s responsibility.

    While there are many ways to accomplish a given task, and I believe baba and his shotgun are not the best way, however, I would not question Mr. Stamper’s motivation or need to insure the security of the bridge. I sincerely hope we never get to the point where we let our fears get innocent people in trouble.

    Richard M. Smith, P.E.

  27. Joe Blow says:

    I really think Matty is a terrible person. This man who was raised in Detroit has done very little to help it. He cares nothing about the city. Look what he said about this property he owns which is the biggest historical landmark the city has.

    More than anything, it is Moroun’s ownership of the decrepit Michigan Central Railroad Depot, the embarrassing symbol of Detroit’s urban decay, which has tarnished Moroun’s reputation.

    “I hate being associated with that,” he said when asked about it. “What the hell am I supposed to do with it?”

    Moroun bought it in the mid-’90s for a song, thinking it might have some future value with its rail yard. It has proven to be an albatross.

    Matty Says:
    “I can’t sell it and I won’t give it away for a dollar. I can’t redevelop it. Who would want to go in there? Nobody. There’s no reason. That’s throwing money to the wind. Can’t tear it down, it’s an historic landmark.”

    Look you old prick how can you say you care about the city when those comments clearly contradict this. Are you going to take all that money with you when you go?? Why not take your money and restore the train station into something?? That could be your legacy. As it stands now you are a rich troll who just made Detroit worse. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!
    Look you

  28. Carl St. Henry says:

    Matty Moroun is really a slumbag. You talk about greed today and he is the epitomy of greed. His companies literally cheat his employees big time and he gets away with it. Government is scarred silly of him and his power. He especially works employees over who he sees as having no leverage to deal with him. These employees are middle class americans. This ( HE ) is what is currently bringing the short comings of the american corporations to the forefront. Amen.

  29. WingNut says:

    Mr. Moroun is like many of us…grew up in lower east Detroit, went to local schools, lives (near) Detroit and has worked a lifetime in the city we all love…well he works in Warren but thats another story. As I said, he’s like many of us ex-native Detroiters who are now suburbanites but still love our great city. What is different about Mr. Moroun is that through money, greed and power – he has lost sight of what it means to be a true Detroiter. I don’t fault him for being a businessman but at the end of the day, or on your death bed, you have to say to yourself, “did I do the right thing? honestly? fair? legal? Did I help make Detroit, a city that brought me fortunes, a better place? Did I give back or just take?

    Detroiters are proud and humble folks who can do anything we set our minds to…but it especially irks us when a fellow Detroiter seemingly is taking advantage of us and is singlehandedly stopping the progress of revitalizing our city. I’m sure Mr. Moroun wants to leave his son with a good name, along with his own, and it baffles many of us why he continues to do nearly everything imaginable to counteract that notion…the latest being the frozen body found in his abandoned Roosevelt warehouse next to the Michigan Central Depot.

    At an estimated 3-17 billion…yes Billion…is it really about the money? The Michigan Central Depot is a great example, take a billion and do something grand with it. Find an imaginative use for it or sell it for $1 to someone who does have a plan. Maybe the venture could actually make Mr. Moroun more money while restoring his name by helping rebuild our city. Legacy is built on generosity…not accumulation.

  30. Dr. Detroit says:

    Turns out just back on April 8th They’re trying to raze the MCS building.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I know lots of people who Matty has made life better for. He provides jobs to udreds if not thousands with his eveil, evil empire — which I might add did not come easy. On the possible terrorist target lists the Ambassador Bridge is toward the top; I think it’s responsible of him to discourage picture taking and easy access. Why is greedy such a bad word. I think everyone is greedy, it’s just his greed came true and people are jealous. Enterprise is symbiotic. Whether his intent is to help people is another issue; I don’t think there is any question that his productivity had helped this region.

  32. Damien 3 says:

    More to come. comments on all 31 articles preceeding this

  33. Damien 3 says:

    I have read all of the 31 comments starting with Joel’s run-in with the security guards at the bridge
    I havesomething to say about all of them and will do so in the order that they appear to me on this website
    Joel Thurtell
    Just a troubled soul with out any real claim to fame in his life.Lacking in accomplishments to call his own,he tries to create the image of a do-gooder.
    I bet his wife beats the ctrap out of him every morning

    Why don’t you try taking down the fence??

    Who is being harmed by the security guards. Do you think they are being paid just to harrass people for no reason at all??

  34. Damien 3 says:

    You may be correct in your assumption,but you can bet these security guards all have CCW permits.

    Just how clean is your stoop?? Get the Govern involved for a safety issue?? Just how Naive are you???

  35. Damien 3 says:

    Grow up and realize what you just read!!
    A reciprocating saw, sounds like your in the know. Might you be a Scrapper??
    Did you call the police to report the acts of scrapping you heard? No I Didn’t think so ! Just out taking pictures of wildlife eh???

  36. Damien 3 says:

    Jim Edwards
    “A lawless thug” Surely your not referring to Matty Moroun. You must be referring to Mr. Kilpatrick. Did you vote for him???
    Mary louise Yurik
    Yes Joel,why didn’t you hang around to see what the Border patrol had to say?? Some skeletons in your closet.
    Bill G
    What do you hope to accomplish??

  37. Damien 3 says:

    And what did you accomplish???
    Best you go to Comerica Paark to see a ball Game. Guaranteed refreshments!!
    Bill G
    A retired free press reporter eh. What did you report on?? Fashion shows,weddings,Barmitzahs???

  38. Damien 3 says:

    your to logical and make too much sense. Have you been getting any hate mail?? The wacko’s are having to much fun getting their jollies by imagined confrontation.
    Dan Stamper
    I’m surprised that he would take the time to address such nonsense.
    Tim You may be correct in your assesment of Dan Stamper being a Douchebag. Are you an authority on the subject??

  39. Damien 3 says:

    Deb Sumner The SWD community has not been a Community for the past 30 years. It is only St. Anne’s Church that has maintained any resembalance of a community for the area.You have made many mistatements in you article, and I suggest you research a little further and then write a corrected one.
    Gnome— How did the game go????
    Gnome –Glad to hear you got some exercise, of your body.

  40. Damien 3 says:

    Alan Wallace
    When T.J. penned that quote,If he did, there were only about 10 Barristers ( Lawyers) in the Thirteen colonies. None were prosecutors. Don’ try that shit today, you’ll end up in the Hoosegow.possibly you’ll get Bubba for a cell mate. Shudder the thought.
    Mike–Gnome probably forgot to call Dan for the refreshments.

  41. Damien 3 says:

    Anonymous—Indian Road had to go . It was needed for the new bridge being built at no cost to Taxpayers. that’s progress and part of the Creative Destruction mentality that we live in.If you could go back into history,you would probably find where the Indians objected to the settlers clearing the trees for farms and Homes. to appease them they named the road for them. You think Matty is a Dick. Have you ever met him???Spoken with Him???Broke Bread together???
    If so ,then maybe your assesment is correct.

  42. Damien 3 says:

    Poo—-Tim Who???
    Richard M Smith–You old silver tongued codger.
    Joe Blow–Put your money where your mouth is!!Become an entrepeneur and develope the MCS Or at least come up with a viable plan that you could get financial backing .remember that the upper half of that buiding was never occupied,even in its heyday.Perhaps you could find tenants will to relocate their business’s to Michigan Ave.
    If so,Give Mr. Moroun a call.

  43. Damien 3 says:

    Carl St. Henry–do you speak from experience ,recognizing “Slumbags”
    Please give us all the juicy details that enabled you to obtain that experience.

  44. Damien 3 says:

    Wingnut—Geez, you started of beautifully and I expected to hear some interesting comments. But you digressed into inaccurate statements. Mr Moroun didn’t make his Fortune in Detroit. He has spent a great deal of his fortune in Detroit. That he owns a couple of decrepit buildings is no big deal, Just look around you at what is Detroit. Further , you ask of him, to do, that which the Local,State and Federal along with a number of Quasi government agencies are unable to do. Be reasonable,Man

    Be reasonable, Wingnut — I haven’t advocated any of these things. You must be thinking of someone else’s blog, or maybe of somebody else’s comments posted here just as I’m posting what you wrote.

  45. Damien 3 says:

    Dr. Detroit–I owned a horse by that name. What you are referring to is just political talk from a wannabe Mayor,
    Anonomous— Now- You know what you say!!!

    That’s all for now folks. it’s been fun ridiculing and harrassing you-all
    Damien 3

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  47. Anonymous says:

    I was up at the park today. I saw this truck driving over behind the fence, but no one came up to us. I really had a feeling he would.

  48. Bill Braskey says:

    Where’s the paper towels?

  49. Michael says:

    Well, this subject has a lot of grey. Matty has an interest #1 in protecting his investment – the Bridge and #2 he is an opportunist. The land around him is vacant and the city has left it in shambles. This is an opportunity for him to #1 get lots of free land, #2 get free land around a piece of land he owns.

    Would you rather have no one patrolling this area of Matty? At least there are people making sure no one is doing anything horrible there.

    On the other hand, the people of detroit would like access to the park – yet, the people of detroit have not taken the steps to aquire that land back, or take care of that land instead of Matty.

    Someone is going to free load if they can, and Matty is smart to grab that land –

    Naturally, at this point, that land could go back into public hands if there was organization around it – or perhaps if proposals were sent to Matty’s group for potential uses for the land.

    Until someone else puts energy, time and money into the land – Matty owns it. Simple and understandable.

    This is not an old money person – Matty. The guy started his career with nothing – I mean nothing and built a massive business.

  50. Damien 3 h8er says:

    wow, Matty. You’re a bigger douche bag tool than I thought possible.

    The City of Detroit.

  51. Bill says:

    I was harassed in the park on the Canadian side of the bridge by some rent-a-cop who told me it was illegal to take pictures and that he was going to call the cops…. told him to go ahead… he called but no cops showed up but he did follow me around the park the whole time I was there.

  52. Dennis W says:

    TO: Deb Sumner

    Get your facts straight, you lost me when you said Mayor Young was college buddies with Mr. Maroun. I will not do your research for you – I can assure you they did not attend the same University. These kinds of blogs are just a new form of yellow journalism.

  53. Tom says:

    Anyone with a history with Mr. Moroun’s abuse of the S.W. Detroit Community should attend the hearing of the Senate Transportation Committee in Lansing on June 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm. Mr. Stamper will be testifying on what a benefit the Ambassador Bridge owner has been to the neighborhood and how he has kept his work to the community.

  54. lee spicer says:

    leave the man aloan he generates revenue for michigan,its what we need.

  55. T dominic says:

    Lee Spicer

    “Leave the man “aloan” (sic) he generates revenue for michigan…”. Seriously? He generates revenenue for Matty Marou. If he was interested in generating money for Michigan, he wouldn’t be lobbying against the new bridge down river.

    Its always fascinating how quickly people will put themselves in some else’s jail just to have a roof over their head.

  56. john says:

    i work at one of his companys, their trucks are not up to d.o.t plus they scam money from drivers.

  57. Good citizen says:

    This man is simply evil! He is mentally unstable,very scary, the devil works overtime for him!

  58. Leroy says:

    The BIG D.O.T. crackdown is coming in novemeber 2010, I suspect he will accumilate to many negative points to keep his unsafe trucks on the road. These points are accumilated against the company and the driver both, Do what I did get a real job! ( protect your license)

  59. MCinWindsor says:

    Interesting and scary. Ive followed the saga of the DRIC project and Morouns antics to stop it from happening. His “contributions” to Michigan politicians. It’s disgusting.

  60. Stan Couvillion says:

    You should look into all the people Matty has put out of work . He is not interested in those jobs at his bridge only his bottom line .He just a bully with a lot of money made on the backs of his employees.

  61. Eric K. says:

    I’d be really curious to know how many of these commenters are actual residents of the city of Detroit. Not people that used to live in Detroit, or love the city, or whatever…but people who’s actual homes are within Detroit city boundaries, with a Detroit mailing address. Other than the guy that said he lived across the street from the park, I’d be willing to bet that less than five people here are Detroit residents.

    My point? _Detroit_ doesn’t give a rat’s behind about this park, or any other ones for that matter. Where was Detroit when Belle Isle shut down? All I saw was a bunch of suburbanites complaining that someone else isn’t doing enough. How many of you here have done anything at all to help Detroit, other than complaining about what other people aren’t doing?

    I spent a little over a year living in Detroit, after having spent most of my life living in the affluent suburbs, and frankly was disgusted by the residents. Virtually no one _in_ Detroit cares even the slightest bit about the well being of the city, and certainly no one in a position of power in the city, as long as they can keep siphoning money out of the coffers (anyone remember when they wanted to create African Town, because it was felt that the black people weren’t represented properly? Oh yeah, and only black people could own businesses in African Town). How much has the current mayor done to help the city? Not a damn thing. He’s not really much better than Kwame was.

    When Detroit cares about Detroit, I’ll start caring again as well. Until then, the heck with them. Let Matty take over the park…why start caring now?

  62. Raymond says:

    Detroit deserves better than this.

    ’nuff said

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  64. quiller says:

    I too danced the light fantastic with that same bald security trooper (this timne in an unmarked silver pick-up). I was with a Chicago transient who wanted Detroit photos, and had led him to a spot just east of the bridge off Fort Street.

    Our Boy with the silver pick-up drew the Chicago guy aside and in a very quiet tone advised him this was Homeland Security (mumble mumble) and on and on as if it would impress either one of us. I was deeply tickled that he didn’t try anything like that on me. Maybe the look on my face told him, ready for you.

    At least I did show that Chicago guy where to get a clear image of the Ambassador Bridge name-sign. Too bad the same bald security trooper (who told me he’d followed me from Matty’s puzzle palace at the train depot) was so quick to get there. I don’t think the Chicago guy ever got his photo — but then again, I didn’t get the spiel about Homeland Security. Some days it just don’t pay to go provoke Manny’s minions, really and truly, it just doesn’t! :=)

  65. Dawn says:

    Forget about the park!!! What about the 8 nursing homes he owns that are neglected and ran by idiots!!! They smell horrible and the residents never ever go outside!!!

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