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KPSmith put me onto a new Internet site today…
I’ve just enjoyed reading the first installment of On the Road. Loved it. I continue to admire the heck out of your spirit, which is the essence of successful writing, I’d say: to plow ahead with your own ideas, and now your own forum, and to take very personal ownership of every story. I envy your self-confidence, your unflappable sense of derring-do, and the sheer energy you’re bringing to this. For once, I am being serious.
Now, I must say, I was taken aback that you alluded to having to write forevermore without the support of copy editors. My goodness, at your side presumably, you now have the Punctuator. Or, shall I say?, The Punctuator!
(Hmm. What does that thing say about capitalizing the definite article within a sentence as part of a proper noun?)
Stepping back, let me add that I am tickled to hear, am I right about this?, that Shelly is letting you promote On the Road Dot Com in your farewell column. I’ll certainly look for that CFP issue when it arrives.
Just now I tried to register on your blog and leave this as a comment, but perhaps it was our Gannett firewall that kept me even from requesting a password. Not a biggie; I’ll read you and, when I want to bother you, e-mail directly as I’m doing now.
Let me wish you continued success in all of your writing pursuits. And I look forward to seeing some “On the Road” muskrat collectibles on your upcoming catalog pages.

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  1. Jan says:

    Any one who understands that unions shouldn’t shoulder all the blame for big business failures and executive management failures is alright with me.

    I’ve been employed in the investment industry/financial services with two of Canada’s largest investment dealers. I’ve been a civil servant and for the last 15 years self employed. I know one thing. Bureaucracy, nepotism, cronyism, and managerial ego were some of the reasons for the toppling of the original Dow Jones 30 and not just unions.

    FWIW I came here thru a search for info on Matty Maroun… quite the manipulator isn’t he.

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