Good job, Free Press — keep the heat on Matty!

By Joel Thurtell

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan Attorney General William Schuette, without explanation, has declined to review the deal that gave billionaire Manuel “Matty” Moroun control of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority.

That is disgusting.

Kudos to Free Press reporter Joe Guillen for following this story.

And more kudos to Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority vice-chairman Jonathon Kinloch for trying to persuade Schuette to look into the deal.

Guillen reports, “The contract with the Ambassador Port Co, which could last another 90 years, has been a burden on the port, both financially and otherwise, as the Free Press reported in August.”

The Free Press reported on this in August! Yet the Master Concession Agreement was approved in 2005.

The story has been around for 10 years.

It was seven years old when I wrote about it on February 1, 2012: Morounopoly.

Possibly the story in 2012 lacked a hook or peg.

Somebody outside the newsroom expressing outrage.

Now, an official — port authority vice-chairman Kinloch — is asking questions.

And so is the Free Press.

Good work, Joe!




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