Here it is: Matty’s Master Concession Agreement

By Joel Thurtell

A friend asked me to send him a copy of the nefarious¬†Master Concession Agreement that sold control of the Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority to billionaire Manuel “Matty” Moroun for a pittance.

He wrote that he believed that the agreement was not subject to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act because every one of its 34 pages is marked CONFIDENTIAL

“I was wondering whether you have a copy of the agreement and if so would you be willing to send it to me in a pdf?¬† Of course, we would not say where we got it.”

Oh, please, please, tell the world I gave it to you!

Sure, the MCA is marked “CONFIDENTIAL” on every page. That is typical Matty Moroun bluff.

Like those fake “Homeland Security” signs he hung on the fence he installed around the section of Riverside Park that he stole from the city of Detroit.

The MCA is a public document subject to the Michigan FOIA.

Anyone can request it from the Port Authority.

But why bother?

You have it right here, again:

Master Concession Agreement





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