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Great MOUSE CODE review

Great review by K9YA Telegraph of Joel Thurtell’s new book, MOUSE CODE. MOUSE CODE may be ordered from amazon.    

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By Joel Thurtell The American Radio Relay League sold out its first stock of my new book,  MOUSE CODE. More copies are being printed and rushed to League headquarters in Newington, Connecticut. Meanwhile, CQ Magazine and its sister publication, Worldradio, have … Continue reading

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Harold Collins and his wonderful 75A

    This story originally ran in the January, 2003, issue of the amateur radio magazine, QST By Joel Thurtell One crisp Saturday afternoon in October 2001 I chanced to see the red light blinking on my Radiofinder answering machine. … Continue reading

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Blog fusion

By Joel Thurtell Hackers broke into all of my blogs except JOTR last winter, posting a taunt about my lack of “security.” Apparently, they proved some kind of point to their satisfaction. The effect on me was to make me … Continue reading

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Zenith’s one-of-a-kind ham receiver

Okay, folks, time to afflict you non-ham radio operators with some of my radio nostalgia. This story ran in November, 1998 QST: In the art world, when a “one of a kind” masterpiece surfaces, collectors battle for the right to … Continue reading

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Rock Star Price Guide

By Joel Thurtell, K8PSV Okay, this one’s not for everybody. But maybe it’s not so niche-like, after all. There’s some basic economics here, regardless that the topic is ham radio. It doesn’t hurt to remind people that prices change over … Continue reading

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Radiating against the odds

My wife’s eyes narrow or close entirely when I talk about what I call my ham radio hobby, though she thinks it’s an obsession. Her reaction tells me that excessive conversation about radio bores most people. But I can’t help … Continue reading

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