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Out of my mind with cider

By Joel Thurtell When I posted my plan to cut our booze bill to zero last March, a reader commented, “You’re out of your mind.” I must be nuts, then, because I followed through on my plan. The idea was … Continue reading

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How to cut your booze bill to zero

By Joel Thurtell The simplest way to cut your booze bill to zero would be to just stop buying liquids with alcoholic content. That would be so easy, such a certain shortcut to success, that we the writers and editors … Continue reading

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Township gets ‘earful,’ cider man gets $1 fine

By Joel Thurtell So there is justice, after all. An Oakland County judge today listened to a lawyer for Oakland Township argue for a $7,500 fine to teach Rochester Cider Mill owner Tom Barkham a lesson. The lesson? Don’t sell … Continue reading

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Cider man

The bullies who run Michigan’s Oakland Township don’t want you to know that the man they’ve hectored and portrayed as a wily scofflaw is in fact an honest businessman filling several important roles in his community. Here, reprinted with permission … Continue reading

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Hassling the cider man

By Joel Thurtell It’s hard to imagine how a little cider mill operating in a rural setting in northern Oakland County, Michigan, could threaten the elected officials of Oakland Township. Yet the township board of Oakland Township has dragged Rochester … Continue reading

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