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Way to go, Zlati!

By Joel Thurtell A friend gave me a ticket — free! — to the North American Auto Show. Until the moment when I received the ticket, I had no plans to attend. Parking, you know, is a pistol — and … Continue reading

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Another auto bailout?

By J. P. Tappet JOTR Auto Writer Got a funny feelin’ ’bout this Toyota mess. Wonder if it ain’t another kinda bailout. Comin’ out now that the feds, i.e., the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cut a deal with Toyota back … Continue reading

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Sticky throttles or goofy electronics?

If we found anything, we would take appropriate action. But we continue to think it’s entirely unlikely that an electronic malfunction is the cause. — Mike Michels, Toyota spokesman By Joel Thurtell Think again, Toyota.  I had trouble with a … Continue reading

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