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Turning an old boat mold into a new sailboat

By Floyd Inkjet JOTR Book Review Editor Was it magic? Anything but, writes reporter, author and blogger Joel Thurtell in this collection of essays about the joys and trials of transforming an industrial artifact into a functioning sailboat. PLUG NICKEL … Continue reading

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Plug in the Bay

Written by Joel Thurtell Photographs by Adam Thurtell I thought I had everything I’d need for the job — a 100-foot tow rope, lines for tying the boat to docks, my tool box and one of those compartmentalized plastic tackle … Continue reading

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No free lunch

By Joel Thurtell They say there’s no free lunch. I’m a journalist, so I know that’s not true. But one thing is sure — there is no such thing as a free boat. This is a fact so evident, a … Continue reading

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