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Whistleblowin’ Nan

By Joel Thurtell Why is House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi choosing this time to blow the ethics whistle on Newt Gingrich? That’s a no-brainer. It’s election year, and Newt looks like a potent candidate to challenge President Obama. So the … Continue reading

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‘What Nancy Pelosi knows’

By Joel Thurtell Mitt Romney wants to know ‘what Nancy Pelosi knows’ about ethics violations by Newt Gingirch when he was Speaker of the House. I’d settle for knowing what Nancy knows about her fellow Democrat, John “The Con” Conyers. … Continue reading

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That you, DeWayne?

By Joel Thurtell It’s been light years since I thought about the crook, DeWayne Boyd. Boyd, or maybe a Boyd impersonator, posted this comment on JOTR: With your help…Six yrs was taken from my life for fraudulent political gamesmanship…. Its … Continue reading

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