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Setting UM’s tone

By Joel Thurtell Sidney Gilman’s Alzheimers research colleagues at the University of Michigan see some kind of “riddle” in their mentor and erstwhile hero’s parleying expert medical credentials into $1,000-an-hour consulting fees while serving as director of UM’s Michigan Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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Guns again

Last time I ran this column, the lethal gunfire was in Arizona. Now the carnage is in Connecticut. Seems timely to re-run my October 2, 2010 column about Canada’s firearms law: By Joel Thurtell Watch out, NRA. My PAL’s gonna … Continue reading

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Great MOUSE CODE review

Great review by K9YA Telegraph of Joel Thurtell’s new book, MOUSE CODE. MOUSE CODE may be ordered from amazon.    

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Screwing themselves

By Joel Thurtell Workers of Michigan! Did you vote Republican? The Republican-run Michigan Legislature just passed right-to-work legislation that will ban closed shops. Without discussion, without committee meetings or public hearings, the Legislature stole from citizens the right to bargain … Continue reading

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How to cook muskrat

By Joel Thurtell Want to try rat? I mean muskrat. I know, sounds bad. Here’s something to allay your squeamishness. It’s not really rat. “Muskrat” comes from an Algonquian Indian word something like “musquash,” according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. That “rat” … Continue reading

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Rat on the run

Those were the days. When you could phone out for finely-prepared muskrat and have the delicacy delivered right to your doorstep. I wrote about that delicious moment in time when I was a reporter with the Detroit Free Press. A … Continue reading

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