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Dead in Michigan, CAB scam dogs California

The bond industry calls them CABs, for “Capital Appreciation Bonds.” To lay people, the meaning is not easy to parse. The result for taxpayers is simple: CABs are a sleeping monster waiting to gouge property owners 10, 15 or 20 … Continue reading

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Michigan killed CABs; California can do it, too!

          By Joel Thurtell Note: The Michigan Legislature banned CABs in 1994, not 1993. California public schools and the taxpayers who support them are facing a financial disaster that could force some — maybe many — … Continue reading

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Muni bomb ticks in California

By Joel Thurtell I was sipping coffee and reflecting on the ignorance displayed for all the world to read in a New York Times article. It was January 9, 2009. The Times story claimed to offer “a rare glimpse into … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with gun laws?

Seems timely, with all the carnage in Arizona early in 2011, then the killing of Travon Martin, to re-run my October 2, 2010 column about Canada’s firearms law: By Joel Thurtell Watch out, NRA. My PAL’s gonna get you. Before … Continue reading

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‘Bridge to nowhere’ dead — so build the bridge!

By Joel Thurtell Matty Moroun’s “bridge to nowhere” is gone. The state of Michigan tore down Pier 19, the tangible sign of Matty’s “plan” to build a new privately-owned “twin” to his antique international bridge across the Detroit River. Now, … Continue reading

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Newspaper Red Squads — again

By Joel Thurtell Scary news coming from reporters. Newspaper publishers — you know who you are! — are actively searching through journalists’ social media accounts in search of comments critical of news bosses and expressions of political opinion. Sorry to … Continue reading

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