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Tail bites man

Die Welt is alles, was der Schwanz ist. — Ludwig Wittgenhund, Tractatus Dogico-Philosophicus By Peppermint Patti Do two-leggers ever think, Sophie, about what they’re saying? I mean, engage gray matter before opening yap! What does that mean, “the tail wagging … Continue reading

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Riverside Park contaminated, Matty says

By Joel Thurtell For eleven years, Matty Moroun has squatted on Detroit’s Riverside Park. Hoping to keep his illegal fence up a bit longer, as in forever, Matty’s now claiming the park is contaminated. There is a public information meeting … Continue reading

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We’re back!!!

By Joel Thurtell What a relief! Thought I was a goner. Son Adam and pals Potsy and Freddie labored to breathe life into the old database. For a while, I thought I’d lost my entire site. Hundreds of blog columns, … Continue reading

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‘Confusion’ about War of 1812

By Joel Thurtell “There’s lots of confusion about the War of 1812.” And a recent book review in complaining about the “confusion” further muddies the water. Several distortions or misstatements in the review raised my hackles, and I’ll write … Continue reading

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Tomatoes & Eggs II: Erasing slavery on Big Isle

By Joel Thurtell During the long-ago historical period when I was a grad student in history, my faculty adviser warned me that contemporary history can be a time of troubles for historians. Too many living parties with stakes in yet-to-be-played … Continue reading

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