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Tomatoes & Eggs, Part I: Slaves on Grosse Ile

By Joel Thurtell Just as I predicted in a January 2007 Detroit Free Press story, Grosse Ile’s historians changed history. But not the way I expected. Early in 2007 (I retired from my Free Press reporting job the following November), … Continue reading

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History as science

By Joel Thurtell Brace yourselves! Readers of will need to get used to a new kind of “content.” I’ve been fairly quiet recently, at least as far as blogging. While I’ve followed the recent antics of Matty, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Interfering with news? What’s new?

By Joel Thurtell Unbelievable! Frightening news! Democrats are poised to take over Philadelphia newspapers! A former Democratic mayor of Philly who was also a governor of the state is heading a group who plan to acquire the newspapers. Already, they’re … Continue reading

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Spiking the Super Bowl pizza

Here, slightly edited, is my annual Super Bowl story: By Joel Thurtell I’m no sports writer, so it was neat to think my byline would appear over a Super Bowl story. What a drag that my first-ever Super Bowl piece … Continue reading

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By Joel Thurtell The answer: MOROUNOPOLY. The question: How do you spell Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority? According to Gongwer News Service, Gov. Rick Snyder might use the port authority to bypass the Legislature in his quest to build a new … Continue reading

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Guts on the floor

eviscerate vb 1. (tr) to remove the internal organs of; disembowel 2. (tr) to deprive of meaning or significance 3. (Medicine / Surgery) (tr) Surgery to remove the contents of (the eyeball or other organ) 4. (Medicine / Surgery) (intr) … Continue reading

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