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Bear stroganoff

By Joel Thurtell What I’ve learned about playing the French horn is that you can’t warm up too much. The more you play those scales, up and down, the more limber the lip and the better the ensuing performance. Same … Continue reading

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“I am God!”

By Luke Warm Professor of Mendacity University of Munchausen What is it you don’t get about “public relations”? I’ve lectured on this topic till my ears are blue, but I’ll spell it out for you once more. “Public relations” is … Continue reading

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Thank you, Matty

By Joel Thurtell Rather than heaping insults on billionaire Matty Moroun, we should be grateful to him. We should name Matty “Educator of the Year.” Who else but Matty has demonstrated so clearly how corrupt and venal our political system … Continue reading

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Telling the truth about Matty’s twin

Matthew Moroun, vice chairman of the company that owns the Ambassador Bridge and opposes the public bridge across the Detroit River, said Thursday he expects the Canadian government will now look more favorably on his company’s proposal to use private … Continue reading

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They eat horses, don’t they?

By Joel Thurtell Couple weeks ago, my friend Donna invited me to dinner. I was delighted. Donna has a summer place near our cottage in McGregor Bay, Ontario, and I’ve eaten her food before. She is a brilliant cook. We … Continue reading

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Witch hunt on air

By Joel Thurtell Hear about NPR’s name change? It’s MPR. McCarthy Public Radio. Instead of covering the news, they’re making it. With a witch hunt. Used to be, people with unpopular political persuasions got beat up by government agencies. Ever … Continue reading

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Democracy in Michigan

By Joel Thurtell Three of Matty Moroun’s Republican hirelings in the state Senate vote against a new bridge to Canada. Two Republicans vote in favor. Two Democrats refuse to vote. Thus, on the votes or non-votes of seven people, an … Continue reading

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Faking it in Delray

By Joel Thurtell So what’s with Michigan Democrats? The two Democrats on the Michigan Senate’s Economic Development Committee abstained on October 20, 2001 from voting a bill to build a new Detroit River bridge onto the floor of the Senate. … Continue reading

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Historians into journalists

Journalism schools are not the only places where people can learn to be journalists. The University of Michigan History Department’s 2011 Newsletter adapted a JOTR post about the utility of a historian’s education. But we later had second thoughts. That … Continue reading

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Nurse faketitioners

By Joel Thurtell I was going to assign JOTR columnist and Professor of Mendacity Luke Warm to write one of his satirical essays dismantling an October 2, 2011 New York Times article about the desire of some nurses to assume … Continue reading

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