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Museum orchestras

By Joel Thurtell “Museum orchestras.” That’s what retired Wayne State Univesity music Prof. Martin Herman calls most major orchestras in the U.S. Founded by Germans, playing mostly music by dead Germans, according to Prof. Herman. Now, I love Bach, Haydn, … Continue reading

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By “Floyd Inkjet” JOTR Book Critic At last, someone has penned a book about Journalism that truly can be described as all these things — a personal memoir, a comprehensive strategy for building a Journalism career, a nuts-and-bolts textbook and, … Continue reading

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The “shared sacrifice” scam

By Joel Thurtell Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether another movie is made in Michigan. If the nascent Michigan film industry folds up and moves because the state no longer singles this high-profile business class out for lucrative tax … Continue reading

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‘Qaddafi’, ‘Gaddafi’ or ‘Kaddafi?’

Ahmed Gadhaf al-Dam, one of Colonel Gaddafi‘s top security official (sic) and cousin, left Wednesday evening, it was revealed, for Egypt, where he denounced Colonel Qaddafi‘s “grave violations to human rights.” — The New York Times, February 26, 2011 By … Continue reading

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Please don’t go to this concert!

By Joel Thurtell Striking musicians from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra are giving a concert this weekend. Please don’t go! It’s Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 8 p.m. in the First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak, 529 Hendrie Boulevard, Royal Oak, … Continue reading

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Crappy meeting

By Joel Thurtell If you’re concerned about pollution in the Rouge and Detroit Rivers, there’s an important meeting tonight. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment will be discussing changes in permits for pollution levels the government will allow at … Continue reading

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Tone deaf

By Joel Thurtell My mistake. Dave Bing must be mayor of Kalamazoo. Or maybe Traverse City. Now that I think of it, Ironwood in the far-off Upper Peninsula is more likely. He can’t possibly be mayor of Detroit, which is … Continue reading

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How to wreck an orchestra

By Joel Thurtell Start with a world-class orchestra, one ranked in the top 10 in the United States. What would be the easiest way to destroy such a beacon of musicianship? Well, you could provoke a strike of musicians, and … Continue reading

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Scab music

By Joel Thurtell Detroit Symphony Orchestra management wants to play hard rock. They want to keep their $400,000-a-year CEO and their pricey music director, but they want musicians to take a giant pay cut. Now, having had their cheapskate contract … Continue reading

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By Joel Thurtell When our new Michigan governor, Rick Snyder, announced his support for a government bridge between the U.S. and Canada at Detroit, bucking many of his own Republican legislators and a powerful billionaire, I was hopeful. It was … Continue reading

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