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By Joel Thurtell Pinch me. Is this real? My wife and I are on the road. We’re staying in Pennsylvania tonight. After dinner, we went to a hilarious movie. While watching “Little Fockers,” my cell phone began to buzz. I … Continue reading

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Hijacking a sewer

By Joel Thurtell Nepotism, cronyism, self-dealing, insider-trading. The every-day workings of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department? Surprise. Those pejorative adjectives were applied to a sewerage operation that was uniquely a suburban creation. I’m thinking of the Western Townships Utilities … Continue reading

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Guns in Canada

Seems timely, with all the carnage in Arizona, to re-run my October 2, 2010 column about Canada’s firearms law: By Joel Thurtell Watch out, NRA. My PAL’s gonna get you. Before I tell you about my PAL, though, I’d like … Continue reading

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Private eye

By Peppermint Patti JOTR columnist The art of detection, Sophie, is the knack for finding things before anyone else. Smelling, hearing. seeing — we dogs are the best detectives known to the two-legger class. Which is why they’re telling me … Continue reading

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By Joel Thurtell My apologies to Jeff T. Wattrick. Readers have commented that I mistook his spoof on Ambassador Bridge president Dan Stamper for a straight opinion piece. According to one commenter, I missed 30 jokes in the Wattrick piece. … Continue reading

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Dan, Dan, the martyr man

By Joel Thurtell Does anybody know Jeff T. Wattrick? Somebody should tell him an idiot is blogging under his name. I can’t believe a person with intelligence would equate a flunky like Ambassador Bridge honcho Dan Stamper with luminaries like … Continue reading

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Out of jail, Stamper defiant

By Joel Thurtell Maybe the judge realized, after reading my JOTR column yesterday, that he’d jailed the wrong jackass. That’s the only reason I can see why Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards freed Stamper after the Ambassador Bridge president … Continue reading

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How ’bout Matty in cuffs?

By Joel Thurtell The wrong jackass went to jail. Now, don’t misunderstand: I’m happy Wayne Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards sent Ambassador Bridge president Dan Stamper to jail for contempt of court. It’s about time the Detroit International Bridge Co. were … Continue reading

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The best journalists? Historians!

By Joel Thurtell If you are one of the 1,100 people who received PhD diplomas in history last year, let me express my condolences. You are looking at a pretty bleak future. According to the American Historical Association, there will … Continue reading

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Not so sure about you

By Ray Judicata JOTR Legal Expert This is a speech I gave to the Limpieza de Sangre Society at its national convention in Knownothing, Indiana. I gotta say, some of those Limpieza folks are real kooks. They’re so far to … Continue reading

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