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The case for ‘Patten Bay’

This story appeared in the October 26, 2010 Manitoulin Expositor By Joel Thurtell A government surveyor in Ontario’s pioneer times could name places pretty much as he pleased, so Thaddeus Patten, who surveyed much of northern Ontario including McGregor Bay, named … Continue reading

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If you were a doctor,…

By Joel Thurtell If you were a doctor and knew that a certain drug would do your patients no good and might even harm them, would you go ahead and prescribe it anyway? What if the drug that does no … Continue reading

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Setting an example at UM

By Joel Thurtell The Detroit Free Press’s Drew Sharp was right on the money when he wrote that Coach Rod needs to fess up, shoulder the responsibility for a third miserable University of Michigan football season and stop blaming assistant … Continue reading

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MSU’s ‘diversity’ lesson

By Joel Thurtell “Diversity: full circle” is the title of a discussion on the program of Michigan State University’s centennial celebration of 100 years of journalism mis-education in East Lansing. Sorry, slip of the tongue. They’re in fact celebrating a … Continue reading

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A culinary problem

By Joel Thurtell Anybody else troubled by this? Okay, we make long drives between Michigan and our summer place in Ontario. Ten hours on the road is what we tell people, but truth is, it’s more like eleven or twelve. … Continue reading

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How to fix Wayne County

By Joel Thurtell Wayne County could resolve its problem of incompetence at the highest elected levels. It would require the help of Timothy Kenny, presiding judge of the Wayne County Circuit Court’s criminal division. I’m referring to the feud between Prosecutor … Continue reading

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Deep in my heart: Togo and the Peace Corps

Fifty years ago today, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy announced from the steps of the University of Michigan’s Union that if elected, he would form the Peace Corps to use young Americans to help underdeveloped countries. Twenty years ago, my … Continue reading

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Repeal the First!

By Mick Allpuff Popular columnist One day, God will deal with the screaming headlines of daily newspapers. But until then, we’ll have to deal with them down here. Which may mean changing laws, modifying laws and rewriting laws. Doggonit, if … Continue reading

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Scab concert

By Joel Thurtell Once upon a time, before the Great Newspaper Strike of 1995, the Detroit Free Press published a huff-and-puff editorial chastising Big League Baseball for putting on games during a strike of players. “Scab Ball,” the Free Press … Continue reading

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