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Volunteers for Riverside

By Joel Thurtell Volunteer workers are needed to make improvements on Detroit’s Riverside Park. Matty Moroun’s fence — declared illegal by a Detroit judge — still surrounds part of the city’s Riverside Park, but the billionaire’s squatting won’t stop people … Continue reading

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Bush-tail election

By Peppermint Patti JOTR Columnist The bush-tails took a vote, Sophie, and they want me out of the yard. Isn’t that precious? I’ve never been so flattered. They held their congress all afternoon — didn’t you hear their chattering? They … Continue reading

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New journalism award

By Joel Thurtell I’m having a tough time restraining my star columnist, Luke Warm, from having the first word on something I want to write about. Warm, the renowned Professor of Mendacity at the University of Munchausen, is so excited … Continue reading

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Fishing for class

By Joel Thurtell This is nothing more than a peeve. But it’s a peeve that has bugged me — literally — for years. I write about it now because, well, it’s Sunday morning, the coffee is strong and hot, The … Continue reading

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Faces of Matty

By Joel Thurtell   What a friend we have in Matty. A benefactor, really. After reading the April 11, 2010 Detroit Free Press “I’m a benefit to the city” spread on billionaire trucking magnate Manuel “Matty” Moroun’s land dealings, readers … Continue reading

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Better part of valor

By Peppermint Patti JOTR Columnist Lest you get the idea I’m totally anti-two-legger, Sophie, let me hasten to assure you that I believe two-leggers can be talented and even brilliant. Within their narrowly-defined areas of expertise, two-leggers certainly have their … Continue reading

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Tale of a ‘rainmaker’

By Joel Thurtell Well, well. So Abe Munfakh, the “self-made man,” is running for state senate. Seems just yesterday that his $10 million inside deal — the no-bid contract his engineering firm received from the Western Townships Utilities Authority while … Continue reading

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Advice to pope: Get thee to a monastery!

By Joel Thurtell King Louis XIV of France is supposed to have said, “Apres moi, le deluge.” I wonder if the pope thinks that because he is anointed to serve as the Vicar of Christ for life, no earthly force … Continue reading

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Diary of JC

Dear Diary: Thirty-seven months! Wowee! What can I do with 37 months? Ask me what I CAN’T do with three years and a month. No more Monny to bother me. Darn that judge, though. He could have put her out … Continue reading

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That $1.7 million ‘shack’

By Joel Thurtell shack n. A small, crudely built cabin; a shanty — Back in the eighties, I was called upon by me editor at the Detroit Free Press to write an article about development in the western Wayne … Continue reading

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