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Lord of the Lies

By Luke Warm Professor of Mendacity University of Munchausen There comes a time in the career of every Professor of Mendacity — even those of us who have earned multiple PhDs in the fields of Duplicity, Mendacity, Deceit and Diversion … Continue reading

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Single payer

By Peppermint Patti JOTR Columnist When it comes to health insurance, Sophie, our two-legged walkers don’t have a clue. They yammer on about “free enterprise.” The death knell of “free medicine.” I hear enough from my two-leggers to know they … Continue reading

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Matty’s last grasp?

By Joel Thurtell You can say this about Matty: The guy does not give up. Even if his behavior puts him smack in the Land of Hypocrisy. The latest gambit of Manuel “Matty” Moroun in his long effort to build … Continue reading

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Remembering the ‘Party of No’

By Joel Thurtell Have Republicans lost their brains? President Obama is poised to sign the long-awaited health reform bill into law today, March 23, 2010, and not one single Republican voted for it. I think I understand their reasoning, such … Continue reading

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The future of Riverside Park

By Joel Thurtell Ever been to Riverside Park in Detroit? It’s a pleasant place for a walk, or just to sit. A short distance across the Detroit River lies the Windsor skyline. Nearer than Canada are the freighters, tugs, speedboats, … Continue reading

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Maunderings of a media mogul

A play in one act By Joel Thurtell The hero of our new unillustrated, eponymous comic strip is the head of a once huge media company hard-hit by an economic recession. He is struggling with the same moral issues that … Continue reading

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Questions for Mayor Bing

By Joel Thurtell So hizzoner isn’t going to SELL Detroit’s Riverside Park to Matty. Maybe Matty doesn’t need to BUY the park to become its owner. If I recall correctly, Matty didn’t BUY the Michigan Central building. He acquired it … Continue reading

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Riverside Park: No sale, after all?

By Joel Thurtell Mayor Bing is not — repeat NOT — working on a deal to sell Detroit’s Riverside Park to Matty. So I’m told after hearing the precise opposite from Mayor David Bing’s office earlier today. The mayoral spokeswoman … Continue reading

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City may sell Riverside to Matty

By Joel Thurtell Riverside Park is in play. It could be sold to Matty. Mayor Bing is talking about selling the park to the owner of the Ambassador Bridge next door to the park. In my last post, I noted … Continue reading

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Rumor mill again: Riverside Park for sale??

By Joel Thurtell Last year, I was hearing a rumor that the city was talking to Manuel “Matty” Moroun about selling the Grosse Pointe trucking tycoon part or all of Riverside Park so he could complete his cherished “twin,” a … Continue reading

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