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I want my Free Press!

Update 7:40 one more time. I called 313-222-6500 and learned that the Free Press circulation person I talked to on Monday had it wrong. My Free Press will not automatically be e-mailed to me. Instead, for now I can log … Continue reading

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Historic day — no Free Press

By Joel Thurtell Instead of the usual stack of Detroit Free Press atop New York Times, only a Times in a blue plastic sleeve greeted me at the mailbox this morning. So the Free Press really did go threely. I’ll … Continue reading

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The bomb under Matty’s bridge

By Joel Thurtell Stamper downplayed more specific concerns about the Ambassador bridge: that a fuel station near the bridge might be a hazard, for instance — saying it doesn’t pose a risk now and is being moved anyway, further away … Continue reading

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Please don’t look at these pictures!

Here at, we believe wholeheartedly in recycling. To prove it, we’re re-running the September 22, 2008 JOTR story about my run-in with one of Matty Moroun’s shotgun-totin’ goons. By Joel Thurtell Matty Moroun doesn’t want you to see these … Continue reading

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“Cathedral of finance”

By Joel Thurtell In the wee hours of Tuesday, February 14, 1933, Michigan’s new Democratic Governor William Comstock emerged from the posh Detroit Club after a long meeting of Detroit financiers and Lansing and Washington treasury bigshots. He turned right … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the Yak

By Joel Thurtell When the staffers who produced the long-running and beloved Yak feature retired last year from the Detroit Free Press, the bosses decided not to let the award-winning employees’ departure get them down. Why rely on workers with … Continue reading

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Book for sale: Up the Rouge!

Up the Rouge! Paddling Detroit’s Hidden River, by Joel Thurtell and Patricia Beck, can be ordered at

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Banking and the perpetual screw job

By Joel Thurtell It’s terrible that execs of broke A.I.G. gave themselves $165 million in bonuses, tapped from public bailout money. And yes, it’s outragaeous that top dogs from failed Countrywide bank whose profiteering in sub-prime mortgages helped bring on … Continue reading

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Book signings and book events

The book by Joel Thurtell and Patricia Beck, “Up the Rouge! Paddling Detroit’s Hidden River”, will be for sale at the following events: April 1, 9 a.m., interview by Lisa Minnini on her Internet talk show, Navigating Change, at … Continue reading

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Not just my opinion

By Joel Thurtell Over dinner, an old friend who’s a journalist quizzed me about the case of David Ashenfelter, the Detroit Free Press reporter ordered by a judge to reveal the U.S. Department of Justice sources for his story that … Continue reading

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