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Banks and “stress test” = bunkum

I don’t believe special “stress tests” are needed to show up the weak banks. Basic accounting will do. See my new post at “How To Stop A bank Run: is my latest book project.

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Reporting on investigative reporting

By Joel Thurtell I’m not sure what category to put this in — investigative reporter investigates investigative reporter? But I know powerful writing when I read it. Powerful writing propelled by hard-nosed detective work. That’s what Curt Guyette of MetroTimes … Continue reading

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Greenspan and Krugman agree — so what?

Sure our banks should be nationalized. Not temporarily, but for all time. See my take on fixing U.S. banks… and my new blog,

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Holes in their story

By Joel Thurtell I’m happy to see that finally the Detroit Free Press in its February 12, 2009 version of the David Ashenfelter and Richard Convertino saga has started referring to lawyers on the paper’s side as “Free Press attorneys” … Continue reading

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Matty and Riverside — what gives?

By Joel Thurtell I wish I had the scoop on what Matty and the city of Detroit will be doing with that gem on the Detroit River known as Riverside Park. I still have not heard back from city PR … Continue reading

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Matty put off

The Detroit 36th District Court hearing into the city’s attempt to evict Manuel “Matty” Moroun and his International Bridge Co., aka Ambassador Bridge, from Detroit’s Riverside Park has been postponed until May and could take place on May 6. It … Continue reading

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Beaver logic

By Joel Thurtell Amazing what one beaver can do. This lone paddle-tail isn’t just damming Conner Creek. A beaver’s image, captured by a DTE Energy camera as it worked some timber along the Detroit River, has inspired claims by a … Continue reading

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Gloating mugs

By Joel Thurtell That photo of reporter David Ashenfelter and attorney Herschel Fink in the February 11, 2009 online Detroit Free Press said it all. They look like they dodged a big fat bullet. Well, it was Dave who dodged … Continue reading

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What that college degree did for Monica

By Joel Thurtell Before a Detroit City Council staffer and a security guard restrained her from physically going after fellow council member Kwame Kenyatta, Monica Conyers ran down a list of God-given gifts that, in the Mon’s opinion, Kenyatta lacks. … Continue reading

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Everything’s binary

By Joel Thurtell Some questions are like a light switch. Their answers are either on, or they’re off. Yes or no. Like my questions to Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel through his press secretary, back on January 27, 2009: 1) Given Detroit’s … Continue reading

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