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The Conyers entitlement: Public servants = private lackeys

By Joel Thurtell Now the taxpayers of Detroit have to pay $90,000 to say adios to a city worker fired by Monica Conyers because the staffer was about to blab that the Mon was making her do personal chores on … Continue reading

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Pistol-packin’ Monica

[donation] By Joel Thurtell I’m against the death penalty, so I don’t agree with Monica Conyers that child-killers ought to be executed. Dealt with strictly? Absolutely. But the Detroit City Council President is correct when she says we ought to … Continue reading

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Equal rights for journalists

[donation] By Joel Thurtell Now some people will say I’m nuts for defending a reporter fired for wearing a political t-shirt to a political rally she was covering. I’m talking about the case of Karen Dinkins, fired September 21, 2008 … Continue reading

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Tainted by my t-shirt?

┬áBy Joel Thurtell I’m sitting here in my t-shirt wondering if this shred of cotton is somehow polluting everything I write because it has a photo of Barack Obama. Is it possible that unseen biases are creeping into my head … Continue reading

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How to stop a bank run

By Joel Thurtell A frantic financial adviser told me she’s warning everyone she knows with money in National City┬áBank, dead sure NatCity’s going under: Get your money out! And I thought, gosh, isn’t that sort of like, well, promoting a … Continue reading

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Playing ball with Matty

By Joel Thurtell Matty doesn’t get it. Why are people suddenly so upset that he’s taken over parts of a Detroit city-owned park beside the Ambassador Bridge? Why, it’s been seven years since 9/11, when he seized the east side … Continue reading

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Matty of fact

TAKE BACK THE PARK softball game. Meet 4:15 p.m. today (10-1-8) at Detroit’s Riverside Park. Gane at 5 p.m. Wear black t-shirts. Bring your own water! [donation] By Joel Thurtell From: Joel Thurtell, Former Journalist To; Matty Moroun, Tyrant Tycoon … Continue reading

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Matty’s answer to me, slightly indirect

  By Joel Thurtell Here is Matty Moroun’s answer to my letter to him. He had his minion Dan Stamper send it to Deb Sumner, a leader in Southwest Detroit and frequent critic of Moroun. The letter: September 30, 2008 … Continue reading

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