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The Future of Newspapers, Part 1.1

By Joel Thurtell [donation] When I started this blog, I fully intended to turn it into a carbon copy of the Detroit Free Press community newspaper whose pages ran my stories for the past several years. That was before I … Continue reading

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Jump-starting us retirees, or, That Joe Hadyn sure was one hyped-up guy!

So it’s a bit after six in the morning, I’m brewing coffee, reading the NY Times and writing up my day’s “to-do” list. When I get to a dozen entries, my head starts to spin. Which one do I start … Continue reading

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Ms. Kitty’s miracle

I thought our story, a true one, about our family’s loss and later recovery of our cat, Putty-Tat, couldn’t be beat. Until I heard Donna MacDonald’s equally true story of what happened to her family’s cat, Ms. Kitty, shortly before … Continue reading

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Tangent what?

It didn’t make sense when I first heard it.Tangent life? As in, a website written by Deb Madonna, Beth Stewart and Brian West and created by Brian and his Plymouth-based public relations and branding firm. It just sounded … Continue reading

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From printing press to blogthink

It’s hard to shake off a way of thinking that goes back to the late middle ages and a Bible printed by a guy named Gutenberg. My work was not about Bibles, but for something like 30 years, it was … Continue reading

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Hoffa story re-runs

E Entertainment plans to run its piece with me pontificating on the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa four more times. Dec. 12 at 8 p.m.Dec. 14 at 9 a.m.Dec. 15 at 1 p.m.  

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The Future of Newspapers, Part I

Seems like the demise of newspapers is on people’s minds. I stopped at the Plymouth shop of glass blower Don Schneider, who gave me his take on the Detroit dailies’ apparently unstoppable descent toward doom. The Free Press and the … Continue reading

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Why I Left the Free Press

I had a great gig at the Detroit Free Press. Excuse me, at the COMMUNITY Free Press. I chose which stories I would write about, and I wrote the stories the way I wanted to. You can’t beat that. My … Continue reading

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We are on E! Entertainment – Hoffa show

By Joel Thurtell on E! Hoffa show What an odd coincidence that my blog should debut on Sunday, Dec. 9, the same day I’ll be appearing on E Entertainment’s show about the fate of Jimmy Hoffa, the late Detroit … Continue reading

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Joel on the road — what road?

By Joel Thurtell I’m looking for a muskrat cook. No, wait — that’s not how I wanted to start. Actually, what I want to do is explain — to myself first, then to my loyal readers — what this thing … Continue reading

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